Laugh & Learn™ Animal Sounds App Reviews

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what a lovely app

Almost complete

I really love this app and the reason I didnt give five stars because it dont have different languages, I really wish it had French. So please when you do another update can you ad French.

Animal sounds

Very cute

Great for little ones

My 7 month old loves this

Great app!!

My one yr old loves the games on the pc so this app is fantastic on the go! Very happy its free but it is worth a few dollars for sure!


My 4 months old love watching the fisher prices apps! Cant believe it!

What the

I had this app before on another phone but now it wont download its very frustrating!!


My 2yr old son loved it

Baby really like this app!

My baby really likes this app and the pictures are cute and the sounds arent annoying :)


My 11month old loves it!


My 1 year old fell in love with the app in a second

Great but issues

My 8 month girl loves watching it but the pictures of the animals disappear after the 2 different songs. It happens 70% of the time so I have to restart it to get the pictures back. The background is fine but no animals and Ive tried it on my wifes iPhone and iPad with the same issues. Same goes with the other 2 free apps. Please update and fix.


We play this in the car for our baby and she instantly stops crying


Works great with the new updates, animals dont disappear when you tap the screen with its changing backgrounds.

whats happening with fp apps ??

Another one with no sound !!!

No sound!

My baby loves the app but the sound suddenly went away! Deleted and downloaded again and still no sound.

No ads

Thank you for having a kid friendly free app to occupy my toddler without having to worry about him opening up the ads posted!! So much win!

No sound ???

I dont have any sound and I see that Im not the only one with this problem. Too bad because my little guy would have loved this!

No sound

Downloaded the app for Iphone 4S, no sound. A little disappointed.

No sound

Again, no sound on my iPhone 5.

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